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Tested Nutrition Products

At Global Sports Nutrition Ltd, we stock a range of Tested Nutrition capsules to supplement your usual workout. Whether you hit the gym to build muscle mass or burn body fat, Tested Nutrition hosts a variety of different products to suit everyone’s needs. As suggested in the brand’s name, Tested Nutrition products all undergo extensive testing to ensure their health and safety compliance. Each capsule in the range has its own usage and dosage instructions, which can be found easily on each of their product pages – simply click on your desired capsule to find out more.

These capsules from Tested Nutrition use knowledge derived from numerous studies and advancements in sports science in order to create effective nutritional supplements. For instance, the inclusion of whey protein gives them the properties to burn body fat far more quickly than if you were to workout on your own; the high level of amino acids in this type of protein relative to other types means you can gain strength, burn fat and gain muscle at a faster rate. Each capsule in the range of Tested Nutrition products we stock on our website hosts a specific ingredient like this one, each with their own special properties.

If burning body fat is not your priority, perhaps the arginine nitrate Tested Nutrition capsules will be more suited to your exercise routine; studies have shown that this supplement will help improve your overall athletic performance, will increase blood flow and oxygen levels, and will help you during muscle pump workouts. Whatever your preference, we have something here at Global Sports Nutrition Ltd for you.