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SD-Chewable Flavoured Creatine Tablets 1000mg

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Creatinine monohydrate  in flavored chewable form. Easy and convenient for use through the day.

Creatinine monohydrate formulation contains pure and potent ingredients intended for athletes and bodybuilders. The optimal concentration of Creatine in the formulation supports extended muscular mass, helps post-workout recovery, improves tissue repair, and encourages lean body mass.

It is important to note that Creatine occurs naturally in the muscle cells, where it helps energy production and muscular strength. So, in the case of intense and hard training, Creatine supplementation is essential to support muscle recovery and increase physical performance. Thus, Creatine monohydrate formulation is designed to intensify training outcomes, boosts muscle strength, and recycle ATP production.

Creatine monohydrate is manufactured from high-grade ingredients following strict quality control protocols. We ensured purity and comply with the Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and the council on the provision of food information.

This product is:




Available in 3 flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange

List of Ingredients per tab:

· Creatinine Monohydrate 1000mg

· Dextrose 1000mg

Why Use This Product:

· Exceptional Purity and Potency

· Highly effective for Intense Trainers

· Free from Harmful additives

· Improve Muscles Mass and Energy production

· Enhance Physical Performance and Endurance

· Accelerate Tissue repair and cell Volume

· Recommended for all Athletes

· Premium formulation at an affordable price.

How does it work? Or Role of Ingredient?

Creatine monohydrate is a popular supplement among athletes that boosts training outcomes and physical performance at the gym. A proper amount of Creatine supplementation regulates Creatine reservoirs in the cells and increase the level of phosphocreatine in the muscles. Thus, an optimal amount of phosphocreatine increases energy production during intense exercise, improves muscular strength, and enhances work out capacity. Energy production not only helps hard training but also prepares the body for heavy weight lifting. It may also show neuroprotective and cardio-protective actions.

How to Use:

Use it as a food supplement. Take two to five tablets daily with water, do not exceed stated dose. Preferably approximately 30 mins before workout or immediately after. For best results, avoid taking with dairy or other calcium-containing foods or supplements.


It is advised not to consume this supplement in the following conditions:

· If you have any severe medical condition, liver problem, or have known hypersensitivity to Creatine.

· If you are pregnant, breastfeeding mother, or under 18-year age children.

ü Don’t take any medication concomitantly with Creatine supplement.

ü Don’t exceed the recommended dose.

ü Please keep it away from children and store it at room temperature.

ü In case of any adverse event, stop taking it and immediately contact your Doctor.

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