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Nitrix 2.0 180 Caps

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BSN Nitrix 2.0 - 180 Tablets 

 - Pumps.
- Endurance.
- Recovery.
- Performance.

NITRIX 2.0 is a concentrated nitric oxide precursor that provides a valuable foundation for all your supplementation and training efforts. NITRIX 2.0 supports workout performance, endurance, pumps and recovery with 3 grams of the amino acid L-citrulline, a precursor to nitric oxide, and 3 grams of creatine when taken as directed.

By supporting these key areas of workout performance, NITRIX 2.0 provides a valuable foundation for all your supplementation and training efforts. And NITRIX 2.0 is more convenient than ever. Ideally users will take 3 tablets 60 minutes prior to training and 3 tablets post-workout with CELLMASS 2.0, keeping the tablet count down to only 6 per day.

Nitrix is a non stimulant hormone free vasco-muscular volumizer. It increases blood flow to the muscles promoting muscle growth and repair. It is proven to increase endurance and your overall work capacity. Nitrix aids in the flushing of fatigue related waste products from your muscles by increasing your Nitric Oxide production using a pharmaceutical-grade time release delivery system called Methocel. It ushers calories into your lean tissue and away from fat storage zones so you can build more muscle in less time. By promoting tissue repair and recovery Nitrix ensures a great effective work out every time. This foundational product is essential to any muscle growth supplement stack.

Nitrix gives a sustained muscle pump all day and because it is in pill form it gives freedom to those who find themselves on the go all day. In the first week you will start experiencing the initial signs of muscle swelling, an increase of strength, recuperation, and endurance. The second week your strength, recuperation, and endurance will amazingly again noticeably increase. Your muscles will become visibly fuller, much harder, and you will be able to work out longer. By week three your metamorphosis has begun and will only continue to get better. You will experience rock hard muscles and full body pumps that last all day long. After week four and beyond you will continually notice a more muscular physique.

As a dietary supplement, take 3 to 4 tablets 3 times per day, every day. Always taking Nitrix on an empty stomach approximately 30-45 minutes before meals or 2 hours after a meal. Taking Nitrix with food or on a full stomach may hinder and decrease it's effects. Take the first 3 to 4 tablets in the morning upon waking, the second 3 to 4 tablets before your afternoon meal, and the third 3 to 4 tablets before your evening meal.

After taking Nitrix you will achieve new level in lean mass and density that is completely supported by this superior product. Healthy persons seeking to support physical performance and recovery should look no further than Nitrix. If taken as directed Nitrix allows your body to use your calories where you need them causing you to build muscle faster, work out longer, and be consistently stronger.