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Dymatize Glutamine Micronized Powder

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After fitness workouts, metabolism remains elevated and the build-up of muscle protein is stimulated. Amino acids are the building blocks of these proteins. The most common free amino acid in human muscle tissue is L-Glutamine - a proteinogenic amino acid. L-Glutamine is seen as one of the basic supplements in fitness sport and is often used after every workout. Dymatize? GLUTAMINE MICRONIZED contains 100% L-Glutamine! Due to its unflavoured taste, Dymatize? GLUTAMINE MICRONIZED powder can conveniently be added to water or juice and has great solubility through micronization!

Container Size: 300g: Serving Size 1 scoop (4.5g) Servings Per Container: 88 Other Ingrediants: L-Glutamine 4.5g