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BPI Essential 9 Plant Based Aminos -BBE: 11/19

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BPI Essential 9 Plant Based Aminos - BBE: 11/19

What is ESSENTIAL 9?

BPI Sports’ ESSENTIAL 9 combines essential amino acids (EAAs), glutamine and citrulline for the ultimate muscle-building and recovery supplement for anyone from bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts. ESSENTIAL 9 uses the same Oligopeptide-Enzymatic Technology as BEST BCAA, BPI Sports’ popular muscle recovery BCAA formula. This state-of-the-art technology helps bind aminos together, so they can be more easily transported into the muscle for faster absorption rates and more efficiency.

Why are EAAs so crucial in your diet?

Essential amino acids are the unsung heroes of supplements; most know about the infamous BCAAs, but EAAs are the powerhouse of sports nutrition. EAAs help you build lean muscle through increased protein synthesis; while also helping you recover quicker after intense workouts and prevent muscle breakdown.