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7 NUTRITION Vitamin K2 MK7 120 Tablets

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7Nutrition Vitamin K2 MK7 120 Tablets 

Vitamin K2 in the form of menaquinone 7 (MK-7). 

What does K2 MK7 supplementation give you? 

- increases bone density 
- improves calcium absorption 
- protects against heart disease by preventing calcification of arteries 
- studies have shown that the higher the diet is vitamin K2, the lower the risk of heart disease 
- effectively fights cancer cells 

7Nutrition K2 MK7 is obtained in the process of bio-fermentation. It is perfectly absorbed by the intestinal cells. It is produced on the basis of bacteria identical to those produced in the human intestinal flora. Menachinone 7 (MK7) is the most stable form of vitamin K2.

Active ingredients:

1 capsule

Vitamin K2 MK7

100 mcg