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7 NUTRITION BCAA Perfect (500g) BBE 06/19

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7 NUTRITION BCAA Perfect (500g)

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The combination of the most important, branched chain amino acids makes BCAA Master ideal around-workout product. BCAA or branched chain amino acids are the most important amino acids in sports supplementation. They represent 35% of the necessary muscle amino acids. These are the most digestible amino acids from the entire pool, and their metabolism takes place directly in the muscles. This way, your lean mass increases, and in addition you get the protection effect of muscle tissue during prolonged exercise.

7Nutrition BCAA PERFECT provides:

An increase in lean body mass, Post-workout regeneration, Increase in your power, Increase in your strength, Increase in aerobic capacity Improvement of your acid-base balance. The perfect combination of high levels of BCAA with a wonderful taste of natural dried fruits and stevia.