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7 NUTRITION BB-Pro BodyBuilding Pre-Workout (240g) BBE 04/19

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7 NUTRITION BB-Pro BodyBuilding Pre-Workout (240g)

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7Nutrition BB PRO, or pre-workout for bodybuilders. Designed from the beginning to the end for you - enthusiasts of strong strength training. If you increase dry muscle mass and / or reduce fat tissue, and for this purpose you use the best methods of strength training - you need to take care of the best muscle pump and use, and your training will be more effective the more you will be concentrated and energized. BB PRO will become your irreplaceable pre-training supplement, because we focused only on these specific benefits for your body.

Pillar 1: Energy

Going to training you have to feel the power. The energy is to release gradually, be prolonged and cause only a surge of strength, clarity of mind and the desire to pass a tons of weight.

Synephrine (from Extract from Bitter Orange)

It affects the sympathetic system, improves respiratory efficiency, accelerates blood circulation and stimulates blood pressure. It improves mood and causes long-lasting energy ejection.


An organic chemical compound from the group of amino acids belonging to non-protein a-amino acids (not included in the proteins). Norwalina is an arginase inhibitor, thereby increasing arginine concentration. It causes a long-lasting effect in a synergistic action with caffeine and beta-alanine. Thanks to l-norvalin, your training may take longer.


It is an amino acid which is a precursor and a building block of carnosine. It increases its saturation in muscle cells. Beta-Alanine has a very strong effect on energy ejection, which stimulates and wakes the muscle before training. It acts like a sudden energy shock for your body. In BB PRO we avoided excessive tingling and burning sensation through its proper proportions and synergy with synephrine and norvalin and thanks to the occurrence of Glycerol Monostearate, which alleviates the flow of beta-alanine through the nervous system.


Caffeine stimulates the action of the central nervous system and increases metabolism as such is used for both consumption and healing. It reduces the feeling of physical fatigue and restores the sharpness of the mind in conditions of weakness or sleepiness. Caffeine affects mainly the higher level of the nervous system, stimulating effect, increasing concentration and attention, facilitating the formulation of thoughts and general coordination of the body.

Pillar 2 and 3: PUMP + Waskularyzacja


The latest hit in supplementation with products increasing the supply of nitric oxide. A powerful muscle pump and blood circulation thanks to the synthesis of creatine and nitric oxide (NO). Increasing the flow of oxygen to the walls of the blood vessels makes you feel a long-lasting pump and vascularisation. It works in synergy with Glycerol. The combination of agmatine and glycerol monostearate is currently the best combination of pumping ingredients and influencing "use" (visualization of veins, or vascularisation). Agmatine is an organic compound formed in the body as a result of arginine decarboxylation. The body is involved in many metabolic processes is used, among others in the synthesis of creatine and nitric oxide (NO).


Ester of glycerin and stearic acids. It occurs naturally in the human body as an intermediate in the digestion of fats. Glycerol monostearate is now an irreplaceable ingredient on the way to a long-lasting muscle pump. Your muscles will be as full as possible. Glycerol has hygroscopic properties, i.e. it draws water into the muscles. It makes the muscles bulky, better supplied with blood, much harder and prepared for even more powerful training. Extends the muscle pump effect supported by agmatine up to 12 hours after the end of the exercise. Immediately after training, it causes the effect of "tearing" the muscles and affects even better effects of training through the process of overloading muscle fibers. Glycerol is pumping and anabolic. 
Delays the effect of fatigue through the properties of a better hydrated muscle.

Citrulline malate

Endogenous amino acid. It directly increases the production of nitric oxide (NO) even more strongly affecting the blood supply and vascularisation (use). With a solid dose of this amino acid you will feel an extra muscle pump, and your veins will be even more visible. In combination with Glycerol it affects the length of the pump effect.

Pillar 4: Concentration


The power of dendrobium alkaloids- Dendroxyny, Dendrobin, Dendramine, Dendrine, 3-Hydroxy-2-Oxodendrobin, being a part of Dendrobium Nobile, has been used in Chinese medicine for over 1000 years. Only in recent years has a number of studies been developed and Dendrobium has been used in bodybuilding. The most important effect after using dendrobium is very strong concentration and stimulation of the nervous system in such a way as to maximize focus and attitude to hard work. Dendrobium fruit is known in Chinese medicine as a medicinal and occurs under the name of Shihu. Dendrobium contains the alkaloids mentioned above, which have a direct effect on the body of an athlete who is training hard. Naturally occurring phenethylamine strengthens the feeling of concentration and modulates well-being and willingness for hard training.