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SD - Pre Workout 210g Fruit Punch

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Complex pre-workout formulation that contains potent ingredients for a productive training session.

  • increases production of energy (ATP), delays training exhaustion, enhances physical endurance.
  • improves body focus on workouts.
  • eases workout fatigue, tiredness, and repair worn-out tissues.

The selection of ingredients is based on the choice of athletes who want to prevent distractions, wish to decrease fat content, struggle hard to extend training duration, and reap maximum benefits from their sessions.
The composition of premium flavor not only mask the unwanted taste but, also promote freshness and consistency throughout the session.

Moreover, the ingredients support muscular strength, aid muscle recovery, and keep the athletes active during a whole workout session.


Per 100g Per portion 7g
Niacin 338mg 24mg
Beta-alanine 33,8g 2366mg
AAKG Complex (L-Ariginine, Calcium alpha ketoglutarate) 6,8g (4,7g; 1,9g) 476mg (329mg, 133mg)
Cholin 2,7g 190mg
L-Glutamine 2,7g 190mg
Creatine Monohydrate 13,5g 945mg
L-Citrulline DL-Malate 1:1 (L-Citrulline) 6,8g (3,7g) 476mg (259mg)
Caffeine 5,4g 378mg
L-Tyrosine 0,68g 48mg


We strictly followed quality control measures and GMP guidelines during the manufacturing process of PWO formulation.

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