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  • Ruby Red Genetics - Collagen 500ml - Supplement Dealz Save 30%
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    Ruby Red Genetics - Collagen 500ml

    Supplement Dealz

    Reduces Wrinkles  Strengthen Nails  Rejuvenates Hair  Firms The Skin & Feels Radiant Hair, Skin, Nails & Jo...

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    Original price £39.99
    Current price £27.99
    Save 30%
Ruby Red Genetics 

Manufacturer Ruby Red Genetics specialises in liquid supplements. Liquid is superior to pills and powders. We produce Ruby Red Genetics brand and private label brands which are distributed worldwide. Our expert team can help you with labeling, logo and formulas.


All ingredients in Ruby Red Genetics products are manufactured to ISO – GMP standards, are EU approved and come from the most reputable, leading manufacturers complete with test certificates (COA).

and all EU / EFSA requirements. We maintain the highest quality standards. Ruby Red Genetics production meets all requirements for Article 4 (EG) 852/2004 Good Hygiene Praxis. HACCP Analysis and critical control point monitoring program is integrated in Ruby Red Genetics manufacturing. We also take responsibility for our environment seriously.

The earth needs care and here at Ruby Red Genetics we do our part.

We produce with a zero footprint goal.

Our Marine Liquid Collagen requires just one 25ml cap full to be taken daily with results seen in as little as TWO WEEKS!

Reducing fine line & wrinkles, strengthening nails, rejuvenating hair and firming the skin, it’s no wonder people are feeling and looking younger and more vitalised!

To start your Ruby Red Marine Collagen journey today, order yours online!