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SD - Omega 3, 6 + 9 60 gels

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OMEGA 3, 6 + 9 60 GELS

Premium health and recovery with Supplement Dealz omega gels.

    • omega-3 fatty acids are part of a diet supporting weight loss
    • protective for heart and circulatory system
    • increased beneficial HDL cholesterol

Omega-3 acids are well known for maintaining a healthy heart and circulation but are needed for optimum muscle recovery and efficient fat metabolism. Taking omega-3 fatty acids has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.

Supplement Dealz Omega 3, 6, 9 is highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids containing premium quality concentrated coldwater-fish oil maintains best possible quality among similar products on market.  Each 1000 mg capsule provides 180mg epa and 120mg dha.

Our products is recommended for every one especially for athletes who really take care about their health and proper recovery.



Take one capsule daily minimum 10 minutes after meal. Drink with large amount of water.

Don’t exceed the recommended dose.

Active Ingredient

Per serving

Fish Oil (18% EPA 12% DHA) 350mg Omega 3, 175mg Omega 6, 175mg Omega 9, 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA



Other Ingredient

Mixed Tocopherols (Antioxidant). Size 20 oblong clear gelatin capsule.

  • If you take any prescribed medications always consul your doctor.
  • Discontinue if sleeplessness or nausea occur.
  • Do not exceed the stated dose.
  • Not suitable for children under 18-years of age.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Please keep it away from children.

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