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Underground Labz - JACKED UP Pre workout 60 caps

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Underground Labz JACKED UP

Jacked Up formulation is packed with premium ingredients that prolong work out sessions, delay exhaustion, and increase focus on training. The product is specially designed for athletes to boost their energy production, muscular strength, and reap maximum benefits from their exercise session.

Moreover, the inclusion of certain ingredients not only synergize the effect of each other but, also aid muscles recovery after exercise and prepare the body for next day training.


Why Use This Product:

Increase Muscular strength Aid Muscle Recovery Boosts Physical performance Effective for both Men and Women Free from Substandard Ingredients


How does it work?

Jacked Up prepares the body for training sessions via increasing energy production, fastening muscle recovery, and enhance athletic performance. It relieves stress, increases focus, and alertness that supports both mental and physical health. Also, keeps the body on track for maximum training output.


Role of Ingredients:


Methylhexanamine,  works as a stimulant. It increases focus, concentration, athletic performance, and provide more energy for a productive workout.  Moreover, support weight loss by suppressing appetite and increases the breakdown of fats.

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Caffeine anhydrous in pre-workout formulation increases energy and focus during training. It improves alertness, retention of memory, and metabolism. Moreover, prolong work out session, delay exhaustion, enhance physical performance, and support fats consumption.


L-Norvaline, a modified version of BCAA Valine, boosts workout performance and aid muscle recovery. It protects the Arginine in the body and increases the production of nitric oxide.


How to Use:

Always consume it at least 30-60 min before work out as it takes time to absorb and produce its maximum benefits. Take 2 Caps at least 30 min before your training session. Using it before exercise with enough water will also help to stay hydrated. Don’t exceed the recommended dose.



It is advised not to consume Jacked Up supplement in the following conditions:

If you have a severe medical condition or have known hypersensitivity to any Ingredient. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding mother, or under 18-year age children. Don’t take medication concomitantly with Pre-Work out supplement. Start it with lower doses and gradually increase it up to the recommended dose. In case of any adverse event, stop taking it and immediately contact your Doctor. Store it at room temperature and protect it from sunlight. Please keep it away from children.

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