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Joker Lifestyle Fat Burner 60 Servings

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JOKER Advanced Thermobolic Energizer Fat Burner is an advanced formula of potent and effective ingredients with high-fat burning potential. The product not only targets the fats but also suppresses the hunger threshold to achieve the maximum result in a short time. A unique and innovative product that burns stored fats and boosts its metabolism that allows you to achieve your weight loss goal easily. The product is free from adverse effects and currently available in popular flavors such as Strawberry and Kiwi or Watermelon.

Why JOKER Fat Burner?

· natural Ingredients
· Enhance physical activities
· Efficient weight loss formula
· Boost Energy level
· Improve mental health
· Effective for all both athletes and non-athletes
· Free from side effects
· The cheap and potent formulation in the market
· Rapid and time-saving results

How does it work?

JOKER Advanced Thermobolic Energizer Fat Burner is a combination of natural ingredients whose output is analyzed and confirmed that it increases the fat metabolism, increases the energy expenditure and impairs the absorption of fats. The product also contains ingredients that suppress the appetite, results in the reduction of calorie intake, stimulate the breakdown of the fats by the body natural process, and promote weight loss in a short period.

· Taurine
· Green coffee
· Caffeine
· Yerba mate
· Bitter orange
· Maltodextrin
· Citric acid
· Silica
· Sucralose
· Flavoring
· Natural coloring

Ingredients role:

Green coffee:

The cholinergic acids present in green coffee boost the metabolism and minimize the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. The glucose requirement is then fulfilled by the fats in the body. They also act as an appetite suppressant and prevent calories intake. The green coffee improves blood circulation which transports more and more oxygen to the cells, removes toxins and gasses from the cells.

Yerba mate:

Yerba mate suppresses the hunger threshold and as it possesses anti-oxidant property, so decreases the sign of aging and detoxify free radicals in the body. It also prevents water retention and lactic acid accumulation, reduces cholesterol level, boosts metabolism, and helps in weight loss.

Citric acid:

Citric acid speed up the metabolism to burn body fats, act as an appetite suppressant, improve digestion and lessen fat absorption. All of these functions better help in weight loss and potentiate the effect of other ingredients used in the product.


Silica boosts the immune system and makes weight loss easier and more natural and helps the body to use calcium properly. It also allows the body to easily receive and deposit essential minerals required for certain organs during weight loss.

How to use it?

· Non-Training day: Take the recommended dose with an interval of 12 to 24 hours to keep fat’s elimination.

· Training day: Take the proper amount before exercise/Work out for better outcomes.


· It should not be given to pregnant and under 18-year-old children.
· In case of any heart or diabetic disorders or use of any medicines, consult your doctor before using it.
· If you have any hypersensitivity to the ingredients or it produces side effects, stop taking it and contact your physician.
· Always ask your doctor before using any supplements.
· Do not use it before or within 6 hours to sleep.
· Store it at room temperature and protect it from sunlight.

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