April 27, 2020

All About our Animal Products

All About our Animal Products

Diet is a crucial factor in maintaining the physiology of any creature, whether human or beast. Wild animals depend on their environment for sustenance, but as reasoning humans we have been able to hack our nutritional processes and give ourselves an advantage when it comes to eating for health.


Nutritional product makers like Animal Supplements produce complimentary tablets, powders and capsules which can give committed exercise fans that vital edge.  When you choose Animal workout supplements, which animal powers are you trying to emulate?


Lions have been symbols of strength and courage for hundreds of years.  A lion will never back down from a fight, be that with any other animal or even other lions.  Fiercely territorial, their natural bravery and noble bearing has earned the lion the nickname, “The king of the jungle”.  Possibly the most successful large land predator, types of lions have been found in the wild on five continents.  And one of a lion’s most distinctive features, its terrifying roar, is simultaneously one of the most aggressive and majestic sounds in the natural world and can be heard up to five miles away.

Like lions, eagles have been used as individual and national symbols of superiority since ancient times.  There are many varieties of eagle, all of them apex predators, and some large enough to hunt and carry off land animals weighing over ten pounds.  Possible the most amazing thing about eagles is their vision; with eyes which take up up to half the space in their skulls, eagles can see into the ultraviolet spectrum and can spot prey from two miles away.  When an eagle swoops on its victim, it maintains its focus until the very last second, giving its prey little chance to escape.  With Animal Supplements Uk gym enthusiasts can be as focussed as eagles, for the maximum benefit from every workout.

Rather than skeletons, sharks have a system of interlinked cartilage and muscle, making them strong, fast, and agile.  Our customers do have skeletons, but agility and flexibility are highly beneficial qualities for anyone with an active lifestyle and can be achieved by regular training and use of high quality Animal gym supplements.  There can be few animals which are such effective hunters as sharks – they can smell a few drops of blood in water over a mile away, and can detect a prey species by sensing the electrical signals of its heartbeat.  On a smaller scale, shark skin is known to repel microbes – these fearsome predators are tough even on the microscopic level!

When you’re in the gym, are you a lion, an eagle or a shark?  One things for sure, with Animal Protein Supplements and other products from Global Sports Nutrition, you can be the apex predator of your particular habitat!